Andreas Grundtvig
Author, Trainer, Cambridge Exams Centre Manager & HELTA Chair
It was typical of Andreas that he chose a form of presentation which only took up 15 minutes.
He brilliantly presented 20 slides (20 seconds each) in the allotted time on the history of the
English language ending up with Denglish. The slides were visually fascinating.

~ Dennis Newson (Teacher/Educator)


Varied and imaginative teaching method. Extremely dedicated and professional.
~ Joerg (Student)

Good for nothing layabout, the world owes him a living, he smells, has no character or
social skills, no money, no taste, is worthless and wears copies of designer
clothes from the market and all the shit that he owns was bought off the back of a lorry.
~ Mick Davidson (Friend)
Home IATEFL Member and BESIG Speaker 2010