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Nations of mutual friendship and recognition
To become an embassy of the Kingdom of Playland please contact the Playland Government for details:

"Diplomatic Recognition" 17th January 2008
Aerican Empire:
"Full Diplomatic Recognition" 9th May 2007
"Conditional Diplomatic Recognition" 14th July 2006
Recognised by Playland: 14th July 2006
Barūle Regnum:
"Mutual Treaty & Recognition"
Recognised by Playland: 20th September 2006
Copeman Empire:

"Some people live in a bit of a dream land, don't they?"
- HM King Nicholas
07th October 2006
HM King Nicholas II Q&A session. More...
Turkey Twizzlers. More...
See the Copeman Empire at the Playland cinema...

Kingdom of KingDom:
"I'd love to be part of their Kingdom" - King Dominic
14th July 2006
Kingdom of Kingdom
BBC Radio Announcement
Republic of Lithuania:
12th July 2006
Correspondence from Lithuania
Lithuania facts
Republic of Molossia:
"Special Diplomatic Recognition of Creativity and Imagination"
20th July 2006
See Molossia at the Playland cinema...
Principality of Sealand:
"We think Playland is an excellent way to introduce international concepts..." - Bureau of Internal Affairs
06th October 2006
Declaratio Regius signed by Prince Michael
See Sealand at the Playland cinema...
On 6th October Playland and Sealand linked up for an hour of friendly internet chat. Read...
Nations recognised by Playland
Member Nations of UNICEF:
Recognised by Playland: 10th July 2006
Recognised by Playland: 16th October 2006
See 'news from our friends'...
Jean Greenwood:
Honorary Playlander whose book 'Activity Box' provided material for the drafting of the Playland Constitution.
Mick Davidson:
Multi-talented photographer and writer who spent much time in communication with Playland Ministers in the first weeks of the nation's foundation. More...

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