Andreas Grundtvig. Dip. TESOL
Teachers, Trainers & ESL Writers
English 360

Delivering blended learning programmes for your clients.
Evan Frendo

Forum for teachers and trainers of Business English and ESP.
Jack Heyward-Tuck

English language training, specialist workshops and seminars, web-site translations...
Vicki Hollett

Author, teacher and presenter learning to speak 'merican.
Jamie Keddie

Jamie's site is dedicated to using YouTube and other video sharing sites in the classroom.
Pete Sharma

Courses for EFL teachers, teacher trainers and academic managers on how to integrate educational technology into language courses.
Hannah Shipman

English teacher in Vilnius, Lithuania.
(Anglu kalbos kursai ir mokymas Vilniuje) Hannah has 9 years teaching experience and is the local Cambridge ESOL Team Leader.

* TEFL / TESOL methodology
* Classroom Practice
* Developing teaching skills
* Lesson ideas and materials
Pete Teaches in Bratislava

My cousin Pete - a 'happy-go-lucky English language teacher who is in love with seeing and writing about people in love.'





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This is exactly the kind of project that teachers would love to be involved in - you should be out there telling them about it!
~ Gavin Dudeney