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This page was last updated on 5th July 2009

To become an embassy of the Kingdom of Playland please contact the Playland Government for details:


Kingdom of Playland Consulate in Hamburg
Duvenstedter Damm

Diplomatic Representative: A Grundtvig

Kingdom of Playland Embassy
UAB International Language Services (ILS)
Lukiškių g, 5-511

Ambassador: Flopsy F. Lukiskiu
Represented in Coimbra


Represented in Pays de Gex
To become an embassy please contact

Passport information

The Government of Ministers is currently in recess, with the exception of our Minister of Security, The Rt Hon Ežytė Šaltkalvė MP, who is currently keeping a watchful eye over our terrestrial domain:

Unlike some micronations, the Kingdom of Playland does not issue passports to anyone who asks for one. Naturalisation will only be considered after a special application has been made to the Playland Government and the individual expresses his/her agreement with the Playland constitution. Read...
The application will then need to be approved by government. Due to national security, only in exceptional circumstances does the Kingdom of Playland issue passports to persons considered to be senior citizens (i.e. Aged over 16).

Visiting the New Territory

Playland nationals as well as citizens of the following nations (on presentation of a passport) are free to visit the New Territory at any time when Andreas Teacher, Prime Minister and Lord Protector of Playland, is in residence:

The Aerican Empire
Barūle Regnum
The Copeman Empire
The Kingdom of KingDom
The Republic of Molossia
The Principality of Sealand
The Kingdom of Utòpia
Citizens of the following nations wishing to visit the New Territory are usually asked to apply to the Kingdom of Playland Government first:
The Member Nations of UNICEF
The Kingdom of Elleore
Northern Forest Archipelago
Uzupio Republic
Western Sahara
as well as some others not listed here
NB. For security reasons the exact location of the New Territory remains secret until an application has been approved and agreed.

Reproduction of any of this material without written permission from the Playland Government is prohibited.
© 2006 The Kingdom of Playland, All rights reserved.


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