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This page was last updated on 24th September 2007

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20th March

Andreas Teacher MP, HM King Nicholas II of the Copeman Empire and the Sealand Bureau of Internal Affairs met to discuss such things as currencies, micronational minority languages and the 'Grow your own' micronational exhibition in Paris.
Andreas Teacher informally invited the Copemans and Sealanders to the Playland Summer Thanksgiving party in August at the New Territory.

15th February

Andreas Teacher MP and Hamster Vandentiekio MP met John Williams of the Sealand Bureau of Internal Affairs amongst others. Subjects discussed were Andreas Teacher's coming private visits to England and Lithuania, this year's Chocolate Feast celebrations at the New Territory in April and we tried to find out what was happening with the Sealand football team.

6th October
Andreas Teacher MP. and John Williams of the Sealand Bureau of Internal Affairs link up on Anglobus chat. Read...
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